1. What is a Home Inspection?

A Home Inspection is a general and visual assessment of the accessible systems and components of a house and is intended to provide our clients with a better understanding of the physical condition of the house at the time of the inspection. 

2. Why should I have the house inspected?

Many home buyers lack the specific knowledge, skill, experience, and emotional detachment that is required to conduct a thorough home inspection. At the time of most inspections, the majority of home buyers have previously spent an average of 20 minutes or less at the property. By hiring a Home Inspector, clients can gain valuable understanding of, and insight into, the physical condition of a house. They can learn, for example, whether or not there are any items not functioning properly, whether those items are in need of immediate repair, whether they might adversely affect the habitability of the house, or if they warrant further investigation by a specialized professional. 

3. What is inspected?

We inspect the major systems and components of the house. These include, but are not limited to, the Roof, Exterior, Structure/Foundation, Electrical, Heating and Cooling Systems, Plumbing, and Interior. Our goal is to identify and report any material defects, safety issues, or any systems or components that are not functioning as intended so that a buyer can make an informed purchase decision. 

4. What is not considered part of a Home Inspection?

A Home Inspection is not a code compliance inspection and does not guarantee that the house complies with building codes. It is not an appraisal of the value of the property. It is not technically exhaustive in nature. It does not protect a client from any future failure of any systems or components. It is not an insurance policy. 

5. Who can perform a Home Inspection in New Jersey?

Only individuals licensed by the New Jersey Office of the Attorney General, Board for Home Inspectors may conduct Home Inspections. 

6. How long does it take and how much does it cost?

A typical Home Inspection for an average house will normally take between 2 and 3 hours to accomplish. Larger and/or older homes may take significantly longer because, simply, there is more to observe and to report upon. Typical fees for a Single Family Home Inspection average between $300.00 - $375.00 and are quoted upon request in accordance with our fixed fee schedule. Various factors affect the fee. When choosing a Home Inspection firm, a price comparison of home inspection firms is not the most important consideration. Most fees are within $50 of each other. Remember, you are considering a major purchase. It may not be wise or prudent to base your Home Inspector selection on a difference of $25.00 or $50.00 in quoted fees. At Tighe Inspections an un-biased, thorough, and professional Home Inspection is a "given" we believe service is what really matters. 

7. What kind of report will I receive and when will I get it?

We employ the very latest hardware and software to create a computer-generated report to transmit our findings and we include digital photographs of any pertinent issues that we might find. We strive to construct our reports in an easy-to-read narrative format without the use of fancy jargon.  Anyone, irrespective of their background or knowledge of homes, should be able to read and understand our reports. This method has proven to be very effective and has been very well received. Within 24 hours of your inspection, we will upload your report onto a Homeguage.com webpage where you can easily find it.  This means all our clients get faster, more efficient and professional reports that save everyone's valuable time. 

8. Can I follow along with the Home Inspector?

Absolutely, most definitely, and YES... In fact, we strongly encourage each client to attend their Home Inspection. The Home Inspection is a valuable learning experience for most home buyers and we consider a client's presence a very important aspect of the process.  With a client present, we can provide valuable insight and perspective concerning the home and its systems, so our client can hear first hand important maintenance issues regarding the house. 

9. Can the Inspector "fail" the house?

No. There is no "passing" or "failing". Our goal is to accurately report on the physical condition of the house in a straight forward and professional manner while indicating what repairs might be necessary or what items may need to be monitored for change in the future. Our clients can utilize our unbiased report to determine what items are subject to negotiation before entering into contract. 

10. Will the Inspector advise me concerning the purchase?

No. Ultimately, it is the client's decision whether or not to buy the house. We have no knowledge of the value of the property or the financial condition of the client. The Home Inspection should be viewed as just a "piece of the puzzle". Clients must determine for themselves what they are willing to take on regarding repairs, renovation, upgrade, etc.