Inspections usually take 2 -3 hours and cover a home from top to bottom, including: 

Structural/Foundation, Chimney's/Fireplaces, Roof Surfaces, Flashing/Water Entry, Exterior, Settlement, Wood Rot, Plumbing/Electrical, Heating System, Cooling System, Water Pumps, Interior, Doors/Windows, Water Heater,  Major Appliances, Driveways, Drainage and more...   

An inspection is the best way for real estate buyers to effectively evaluate the potential risks involved in purchasing a home or commercial property. From the roof to the foundation, Tighe Inspections provides a sound and objective examination of the physical structure and complex systems of the home or commercial building you're considering.  With over 30 years experience, Tighe Inspections provides unmatched service throughout the state of New Jersey. 

Our comprehensive home inspection techniques screen your home during the pre-purchase stage, identifying potential problems which are outlined in an easy-to-read narrative inspection report. 

We can speed up the process of receiving your report by uploading it onto, so you can get your report within 24 hours of our inspection.  All of this means faster, more efficient and more professional inspections that save everyone's valuable time.